Essay On Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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As a professional nurse I have seen many nursing care issues that affect both the nurse and patients. Before I became an RN I worked as an LPN in a nursing rehabilitation facility. While working in that facility I truly saw what it meant to be short staffed. The nursing care issue that I have identified is short staffing and mandatory overtimes. I believe these issues go hand in hand. These conditions contribute to the detriment of patient and nurse safety. A nurse who is faced with a high patient ratio and then made to work overtime is prone to errors which can harm themselves and their patients. A scenario that causes fragile patients in need of excellent care to suffer. Nurses are human and require conditions that will enable them to work…show more content…
Then I would also utilize the & steps of the IOWA model. Evidence based practice is an increasingly helpful tool that allows nurses to stay current in treatment modalities and issues that affect healthcare in general. Researching different models allowed me to see the depth and time that goes into garnering up to date information for implementation. I would use search terms such as outcomes, implementations, recommendations, and literature to look up information that will assist in The Iowa model of evidence- based practice to promote quality care provides necessary steps needed to facilitate information for a lot of the nursing care issues that we face. I like that after the topic is selected the implementation of a team is necessary. I am one that believes that different perspectives and opinions can help with analyzing data, formulating new ideas and solutions. “However, the support for EBP does not rely solely on research findings but includes clinical experience, quality improvement data, logical reasoning, recognizing authority, and client satisfaction, situation, experience and values” (Hood, 2014, p. 253). EBP is an extremely helpful tool that nurses must utilize, but we must also use our judgement and experience as

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