Essay On Evidence Based Practice

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Evidence-Based Leadership
Nola Ward
Independence University

Evidence-Based Practice Evidence-based practices is the combination of the best research evidence with patients values and clinical expertise which would lead to an improved outcome. According to Annie E. Casey 2010, the evidence-based process interchanges from research to putting into action and finish off with providing information for making treatment decision. Evidence-based practice is found in social policy, social work, educating, child welfare, early childhood and also criminal justice. As evidence base continues to discuss key steps to the process of evidence-based practice, some of their challenges and barriers. Also there are five research methodologies and evaluation approaches in evidence-based practices and they show how they could support leadership to achieve organizational objectives and goals.
Key Steps to Evidence-Based Practice Process
Leadership fields
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EBP was first initiated as a strategy for research and implementation in medical science by using blind studies and clinical trials in order to develop effective treatments from collected evidence. The challenge of EBP is that it has proven to be a failed practice in many fields. For example, using random clinical trials (RCT) where results are influenced by multi factors in leadership development is not an appropriate research strategy for evidence-based practices. The growth of evidence based practices has spreaded rapidly as a methodology for providing what works and to establish predictable results in fields other than clinical care and medicine and with this practice there will be controversies. It is said that random clinical trials are not always the best for decisions it can be misleading. The only way for RCT to work will be in highly planned, organized and controlled
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