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Evolution of food, the evolution of survival. Dating back the evolution of food is near to impossible, since the existence of mankind food has been present in some form or the other; raw or cooked. Food is something that can be eaten in its natural creation; raw or enhanced by cooking. Food practices have developed since the discovery of fire and still are being developed at this very moment. Grilling, sautéing, frying, roasting, poaching, boiling, basting are just a few on the endless list. Merging two ingredients together and letting the natural flavors of those ingredients do their work is something magical on the palate. The food practices have evolved over centuries from something as basic as grilling to something as exotic as Molecular gastronomy. Merging chemicals with food and creating an unreal dining experience can be termed as evolution of food practices. Food is something that continues to evolve every day and isn’t that what’s so wonderful about cooking. Introduction to Chile
Located on the west coast of South America is the 4,300km(2,700mil) in length and 240km(150mil) wide is the beautiful country of Chile. The capital of Chile is Santiago and language spoken is Chilean Spanish. The colonization of Spain lead to a major influence on the cuisine. The Amerindians native to Chile along with the Spanish made a
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The topography divides the country in different valleys; Maipo, Curico, Aconcagua, Limari- presently 14 of them with different climatic conditions. The topography is one of the reasons the country has an abundance of fresh produce like seafood, avocados, green chilli, papaya, mango, olives, and hot peppers. The Chilean cuisine is plentiful with beautiful seafood as a result of being along the Pacific Ocean and the Chileans know how to make use of that advantage. Trotilla de erizos (sea urchin omelet) is one of the unique dishes which one can get only in

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