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Imagine to wake up at the morning and drinking a cup of coffee and then enter your car and leave it to take you to your destination. Or imagine that you go with your family on a trip and let the car manage the wheel and you can watch a movie or play card with your family. Or you can imagine travel to the other side of the world in 1 hour, most of people will agree such a dream is not achievable. But the evolution of transportation in the future will allow us to cross the globe in a few hours. In the past transportation bounded on animals, wheel carts, boats, trains and cars. For thousand of years the tide of transportation fell and rose depend on the population. Although population in the world is increasing constantly in the past centuries, this has not always been true. In the earlier history wars, plagues, famine and floods has declined population as well as the movement of people, but this did…show more content…
When wheels were used at carts and wagons, it was the first idea to build roads that can be used repeatedly. in Rome, India, Persia, and China slaves built roads out of brick or stone. During the middle ages, roads were not repaired as it used to be. In the 18th century, during the industrial revolution, people started to need additional roads and new ways to construct them. John McAdam founded a new way to build roads, he used small stones in soil foundation, and called it mcadam. By this way of constructing way it made the road easier to be built. Sail and oars made huge jump in water transportation, they increased the ship speed and oars allowed the ships to go against the current, and to be able to go against the wind that the sailor did not wanted to go. Sails allowed the ships to collect energy to go for long distance. The lateen sail is a triangular shaped sail that can convert side winds into a force to go forward. This sail could let the ship go against the wind, it was the most important technology on the ancient time. Stern rudder replaced oars in 700AD in

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