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The impact of Excelsior Scholarship As a college bound New York student the Excelsior Scholarship would play an incredible impact on my life. This is a great New York free tuition program that was introduced by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Students who already live in New York and will be able to attend college full will be able to benefit from this generosity. However, although this is a wonderful opportunity some students who desperately need it will not be able make use of it. Let us think of students who work part time or full time, or for some other reason can only do part time studies. Because, all the restriction that Excelsior Scholarship come with they make it hard for some students to take advantage of it. All this constraint is too grate…show more content…
However, since I could not attend school full time this would not be impossible for me. Although, this is a marvelous opportunity, this restriction that come with this scholarship would made it hard for me to benefit from it since I must work. In (“”) it is stated that To qualify, students must attend school full time and be on track to graduate within two or four years, depending on the degree they are seeking. But low- income students often must interrupt their studies to work. At the state’s community colleges, more than 90 percent of students would not qualify for free tuition based on those requirements. Wherefore, I could not attend college full; so since I only attend college part it will take me extra years to complete my degrees so Excelsior Scholarship would not help me. Excelsior Scholarship requires that students complete 3o credit per year. Since I can only attend college part time this would make it impossible for me complete 30 credits for the year. This make it quit difficult for me to benefit from this program. This program is only suitable for student who is still being supported by their parents. If I participate in this program and fail to live up to all the restriction I could find myself into a serious situation since (Rick Seltzer wrote in his article N.Y. 's Tuition-Free Dream Meets Details) stated
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