Career Essay: A Career As An Executive Chef

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An executive chef is one of the most top paid chefs in the cooking business. This chef is in charge of everything that happens in the kitchen. From ordering supplies to creating their own dish an executive chef does it all. In this line of work you are required a lot of things to. Many involve education and being able to stand for a long time. The executive chef is primarily responsible for assigning tasks among the kitchen staff to ensure that food preparation is good. A chef is the best job for me mainly because it fits my personality wanting to create new things (Cooks).
Executive chefs need to have management and customer service skills, as well as creativity. Chefs who run their own restaurant or business are often busy with kitchen and office work. Some chefs use social media to advertise their business by showing new menu items or using customer reviews. They direct the work of sous chefs and other cooks, who make up most of the meals. Executive chefs also
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In 2009 there was an average salary from $32,000 to $86,000 per year depending on their job. Some who work as executive chefs for 5-star hotels and first-class restaurants can earn an income of $100,000 depending on the restaurants area. There are also a lot of good things to being a chef depending on what type of restaurant you work for. You may receive annual bonuses or free drinks and food at work. Other companies offer paid holiday, vacation, and sick days, or easy working schedules. Most restaurants give workers dental care, healthcare, and eye care. For chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers depend on their training, work experience, and ability to act more responsible with tasks affect their advancement. Chefs and cooks who are ready to learn new cooking skills and to accept greater task may move up within the kitchen and take on task for training or looking over skilled kitchen staff. Others may move from one kitchen or restaurant to

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