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Title tag: Exercise During Pregnancy

Meta title: Pregnancy exercises for pain-free labor

Description: Exercise during pregnancy has more benefits for the mother and the baby. It helps in enhancing blood circulation and keeping the heart in good conditions. If followed as per the directions of your health-care provider, you can have a pain-free labor and delivery. Keywords: exercise during pregnancy,

Many pregnant women are still under wrong notion that exercise during pregnancy can be a risky affair, or it leads to miscarriage. Doctors strongly criticize this misconception and recommend that women who are conceiving should exercise. Women do not realize that exercise helps in blood circulation and helps the skin to glow. It also strengthens the body muscles, and the heart. However, it is also necessary to speak to the health-care provider before starting the exercise.

Exercising during pregnancy is good for the mother and the baby. It helps the mother to tolerate the labor pain and provide all the strengths to push the baby at the time of delivery thereby aiding easy labor. Moreover, it also helps to recover quickly post pregnancy. Pregnant women who follow exercise instructions given by their health-care providers get benefits of sound sleep,
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Breathing during the exercise routine is necessary. Avoid cycling, skipping, jumping and horse riding. You should also not twist your waist normally people do to control their size of their waist. This may disturb the position of the baby. It is ok to do the exercise lying on your back at the early stage of pregnancy. However, it is not advisable when you have completed the first trimester of your pregnancy. Do not start exercising immediately after the meal. Keep a gap of minimum 2 hours between meal and exercise routine. Drink plenty of water before and after your workout. You can also continue taking few sips of water during the

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