Existential Therapy Research Paper

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Existential Therapy and PTSD
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a disorder where individuals have persistent mental and emotional stress that may cause a disturbance of sleep and have constant vivid recall of the experience. In Existential Therapy the aim is to “help clients face anxiety and engage in action that is based on the authentic purpose of creating a worthy experience.” In my opinion existential therapy can be a great way to assist clients with PTSD cope with anxiety and search for the meaning of their lives.
It is crucial that in existential therapy to consider the therapist client relationship due to it being a journey taken by both. Therapist are encouraged to share their reactions with genuine concern and empathy with their clients. Therapist model authentic behaviors themselves which encourages their clients to grow. Schneider mentions the importance that therapeutic presence when assisting clients to reconnect to their pain and make them aware of the opportunity to transform their pain. Existential therapy and PTSD should include 3
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Although, this therapy has limitations effective for effective counseling, such as the need for specific set of techniques. Existentialism is limited in its effectiveness since it depends on the clients’ level of maturity, life experience, and the practitioners’ requirement for intensive training. In my opinion, although this therapy has limitations it can be beneficial for clients with PTSD. Existential therapy helps clients find the meaning of their life and helps them get back into central focus. Therapy helps clients understand that anxiety is a part of life.

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