Essay On Exotic Animals

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Do you like animals because I do. There 's one thing though our idea of animals may be different as to where you might like dogs and I like Hyenas. Yeah that took a big turn there. Let me tell you why you should join my side. First wild/exotic animals can have a great learning experience for you or anyone who hasn 't had experience with a animal like that. They also can be domesticated/pre-trained in captivity to free them of their natural instincts. Do you or some of your family members have allergies to dander or a dogs coat. No worries just get a lizard or bird. Some people should not be allowed to have these kind of animals because of irresponsibility. So first things first the learning experience. According to “Why Choose an Exotic Pet, Anyway?” “Exotic pets are so different from cats and dogs that owning one can be an incredible learning experience.” They say that “Exotic pets are fascinating. With their unique behaviors and complicated social interactions, both with each other and with us, they really can teach us all sorts of new information. But their gregariousness can be a double-edged…show more content…
Last but not least we have the help of allergies. If you or a family member have allergies to a dander or animal coat there still is hope. In “Why Choose An Exotic Pet, Anyway” it says “Although many people would love to have a pet dog or cat, they often cannot, because they or their family members have allergies to the dander that furry pets carry on their coats. All is not lost for these people, however; they can still have a loving pet if they choose a reptile (such as a lizard, turtle, tortoise, or snake) that has neither hair nor dander on its skin. They might even be able to have a hairless rat or guinea pig if they are not severely allergic, and if they are not allergic to feathers, they might also be able to own a bird. So don’t despair if you’re allergic to hair!” People can get birds lizards fish snakes and all kinds of other exotics without fur/coat or
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