Vulgar Eros Theory Of Love

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Exotic love is the simplest form of love, a love that has not properly developed, or has not made it all the way up the ladder to true love between lovers. From lust to a higher level of love. In the symposium plato seems to emphasize love between an older lover and a younger beloved, but the theory plato proposes can also be relevant in other types of relationships. There are two eros; the Vulgar eros is one who in love focuses on beauty and the body. They have yet to realize that a beautiful body is not uncommon and can be seen anywhere. The heavenly eros in contrasts focuses on virtue and the soul in love. If love is love of a particular it will get fixated on that particular, whereas if love is universal you love that form wherever it shows up. The philosophical quest is a quest for norms and an attempt to get knowledge of universals; essences. Entire succession of beautiful bodies, you have to be cultivated enough to turn away from just the…show more content…
In the beginning there was chaos which ceased when love and harmony came to be, if love were to be lost the world would be lost and chaos would reemerge. Eros is the god of love and therefore the first god. Eryximachus is a physician who compares being sick to being in disharmony. -- uses his medical proficiency to manipulate his eulogy of Love-- Medicine, just like music, generates harmony between divergent elements-- This attunement is the product of Love.-- the medical knowledge of Eryximachus,í Eryximachus, "fighter of eructations," is the provider of the successful cure for Aristophanes' hiccups.-- Eryximachus, by nature of his profession, is also concerned with bodily matters-- For Eryximachus, Eros represents often-conflicting desires, which must be attuned in the body by medicine or in the soul by "education and culture" - his profession shapes not only his speech but his conduct. He offers advice on drunkenness and then on
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