Essay On Exploratory Factor Analysis

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Factor Analysis (Conceptual Background): For determining the factors affecting for financial inclusion, Business correspondence acceptance at Bank branches and problems faced by BC. Factor analysis is a data reduction statistical technique that allows simplifying the correlational relationship between a numbers of continuous variables. Exploratory factor analysis is used in order to identify constructs and investigates relationships among key interval scaled statements. Exploratory Factor Analysis: There are seven basic steps to performing an Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA): 1. Collect measurements: The variables were measured on the same (or matched) experimental units. 2. Obtain the correlation matrix: The correlations (or co variances)…show more content…
 Financial inclusion have helped in reducing hunger and promoted food security by providing services to framers and other people in that sector.  Financial inclusions have helped in achieving good health and well-being by providing services like health insurance etc.  Financial inclusions have helped in promotion of gender equality by helping woman to achieve economic power in our country.  Financial inclusions have helped in promotion of innovation and sustainable industrialization by providing them easy access to credit and other services that facilitate investment.  Financial Inclusion have helped in expansion of business and increasing employment opportunities by providing facilities to business firms. Exploratory Factor analysis was conducted as per the procedure mentioned above to identify relevant dimensions of mobile services quality. II. Dimensions or Factors affecting Business Correspondence (Challenges) Section 1:- Profiling Section 2 :- Challenges faced by Business Correspondents  Acceptance of BC’s concept at branch
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