Essay On External Environment Of Amazon

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Internal Environment
Amazon has loyal customers because it already established itself as one of the pioneering companies in the industry of e-commerce. It is the first mover in the industry and has established many old customers who keep on coming back. Its loyal customers convey the high level of trustworthiness of the company that is obvious to the new customers.
The company is also competitive because of its continuous innovation and by utilizing the current technology and observing the latest industries trends. Amazon’s management seems to understand that by staying innovative will somehow guarantee the success of the company. The culture is notoriously confrontational because the CEO believes that truth comes out when perspectives and
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External Environment

Amazon has remarkable appeal when it comes to their consumers, partners and developers because it attracts the three parties altogether making the company achieve more success. The international market of is wide as it reaches different parts of the world from the first-world to the third-world countries. Its strong partnership with prominent companies increased it popularity and profitability. However, its external environment still brings challenges for the company to face
Amazon is affected by political changes in the country and to the countries where it markets its product. This external factor is something that the company should always consider and observe to come up with relevant strategies and countermeasure.

The economy also has effect on the company’s growth because the buying power of the consumer depends on the stability of the country’s economy. Whenever the economic condition in one country performs low, companies like Amazon will likely feel the effect too. Keen observance on the economic changes is essential for the company to prevent profit devastation in the

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