Pros And Cons Of De-Extinction

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Should extinct species be brought back to earth? In my opinion I think that de-extinction is a bad idea. Take the wooly mammoth for example, if scientists were to bring it back they could be taking resources away from other species causing them to disappear, humans might try to harm other animals that aren’t extinct, and scientists would have to successfully re-introduce this animal back into the lifestyle they used to have. Although some people believe that de-extinction is a good thing, I strongly disagree because of those three reasons.

One reason that de-extinction is a horrible idea is that the species, lets say a wooly mammoth, could potentially take important resources away from other species causing them to disappear. In the article The
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In the article 5 Reasons to Bring Back Extinct Animals and 5 Reasons Not to, the author Breanna Draxler explains, “De-extinct species would be alien and potienally invasive; their habits and food sources have changed. So their in these changed ecosystems could be too” (2013). This means that if extinct species comes back, it would have new food sources and habits to adapt to. In the article De-Extinction Probably Not Worth It by Sarah Zielinski it states, “Then they would have to successfully re-introduce the species to the planet, taking care to find a place where the new-again species wouldn’t harm other animals and where the animal would be safe from whatever drove them extinct in the first place” (2017). This explains that if a species were to come back to the world scientists would have to re-introduce them to their habitats, their food sources, and other animals around them. In conclusion if these old extinction species come back it would be hard to introduce them back to the things they used to know and
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