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The management of extremity trauma The trauma is the major cause for the morbidity and mortality among the young and healthy people.It affects all age groups of people and a major cause for death of young and healthy population. Among trauma the road traffic accident is a major part. With the development and increasing number of vehicles the number and the severity of road traffic accidents are increasing. There are many factors contributing to this increase and many of them are modifiable. The advanced trauma life support principles of trauma management, has contributed to organize the trauma management and for reduction in mortality. This is a case record of a 72years old man who presented following a road…show more content…
Fast scan and duplex scan at the tower limb. and the Xray at the right leg. The duplex san revealed No blood flow to the distal limb. The chest Xnay, Xnay pelvis and the Fast scan were normal. The R right leg Xray confirmed the fracture at Shatt at tibia and fibula fracture. After the investigations the bleeding continued and the dressing was full soaked with blood. As the bloodying continued we decided to continued take the patient to the operating theater a bleed control the bleeding. Parally we started resuscitate the patron t with blood and blood products. The wound has been explored at the theater and found multiple bleeding vessels. The anterior tibial artery was ligated and bleeding controlled. It was decided to preserve the limb and look for viability. A-through wound toilet and detriment done and drcessing applied. The limb Was vmmobvhzad in a POP balk slab During the surgeryDuring the surgery 4 units at blood 4units of FFP and platelets transfused. Following the surgery the patient was transferred to Accident and trauma intensive care amt. The ECG revealed Atrial fibrillation. with heart rate of 92 bpm We were able to get the Investigation results at LCU. The PITNNIR - 3.27 FBC

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