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Eyes Makeup Carefully Tips:

Eyes Makeup Tips - Nature has given us a different kind of eyes like small, emerging, and the strand or | If properly done makeup for beautiful eyes, you can become the mistress of | Eye makeup for the first time to take precautions to buy cosmetics | Do not ever played in your eye cosmetics, let us talk about individual eye shape and choose the makeup tips |

Deep Eyes Deep Eyes Makeup Tips

Strand, eyes that look inward and brow bone (the bone between the eyes and eyebrows) are less prominent | So make-do, so bulging eyes look | Find subdued light pink or beige shadow on the eyelids and eyes upper line (crease) on the side of the light | Subscribe now eye shadow medium toned brow and brow bone starting from the
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It seems to be very few seem to have the eyes | Therefore it is also necessary that the eye makeup look a little cautious, slept, slept, or C or C may not be visible drug | Matt or neutral color on the inner half of the eyelids and keep eye shadow| Choose a darker color on the part of its surroundings, but it should not outskirts | Avoid the use of dark, heavy eyelids, as it will start to seem | Eyes Do not even darker on the upper and lower edges | Upper lashes little curl and Mascara Find one or two quotes | On the brow bone and bright colors are neither too bright nor too light colors of Use |

Set close eye Close Set Eyes Makeup Tips

They reduce the distance between the eyes look | Their distance from the nose of lower | Ease up on the inner part of the eyelids and the area between the medium shade on the Use | Drag line C at the outer edges of the upper eyelids | Now brow bone deep shadow on the outer portion of the ear on the side of the putting him well conformable | Black mascara can be invested in the eyes | so keen to Mascara inner and outer side of the little dark lager Mascara Use | Trying to reproduce the outer side and frown at him a little bit less Highlights | Brown on the inner and outer Lashes Use lighter on black Mascara |

Wide Set Eyes Wide Set Eyes Makeup

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