Essay On Eye Trauma

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Sight or vision is the ability of a person to perceive the environment around him. It forms one of the five senses, which helps one to be functionally independent in activities of daily living. Vision impairment even in mild forms can affect the potential to perform well in any sphere of life. Children and low vision Children who have defective vision in the first decade are in great risk of developing amblyopia and thereby causing irreparable damage if not intervened at early course of events. Such children become less attentive in class, due to difficulty in following lessons in school, leading on to even being dropped out of school. They can also develop squint, loss of binocular vision, and can be more vulnerable to trauma to the non seeing eye. Eye trauma can range from relatively…show more content…
Perforating injury consists of both an entry and an exit wound. Rupture is an injury caused by a blunt object which causes a full thickness wound. This type of wound is different from penetration, because it is due to an inside –out mechanism, where as the former is due to outside- in mechanism. Inside –out mechanism, means that the blunt force causes a rise intra ocular pressure and the eye ball gives way at the weakest point, like as in case of wound dehiscence of an old cataract surgery wound. Ocular trauma due to fire crackers have been found to be one of the main causes of ocular morbidity in studies done across the globe, affecting mainly children and the youth who are the main participants in celebrations involving pyrotechnics. Moreover, this section of the population forms the next generation earning members of their family, there by causing a decrease in the productivity and increase in the disability adjusted life years. Firecrackers and Ocular
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