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I have been involved with FFA all four years of high school. I was the chapter historian my sophomore year. I have competed in many agriculture-related competitions: opening and closing ceremonies, agriscience fair, and soil and land judging. In opening and closing ceremonies, I learned how to conduct a proper FFA meeting. When I competed in the state agriscience fair, I studied the effect of different grass seeds on food plots. I also looked at the effect hydroponic beads had on the growth of tomatoes. In soil and land judging, I examined four different soil pits to determine if the land area was appropriate for farming. Soil and Land judging was by far my favorite competition. I love being able to go outside and get dirty. Along with competing…show more content…
However, my sophomore and junior year I took agbusiness classes, and found that I enjoy the business end of production a whole lot better.I really enjoyed learning about different laws and policies. I discovered that I was really good with that kind of stuff. Also, I am very interested in growing plants. Last spring, I was able to take the greenhouse class my school offered. In that class we learned how to plant different types of plants, how to care for the plants, and how to run a greenhouse. When we actually opened the greenhouse, I would spend my entire day out there. I loved helping people pick out plants for their gardens. At the end of the year, I was awarded the greenhouse award. This award was given out to the person who stood out the most in the class. My love for agriculture inspired me. It is what lead me to choose the career path I chose. I would like to major in food and agbusiness. With this degree, I hope to work for the government. When working for the government, I want to promote programs that allow more students to learn about agriculture at a younger age. This would help young children learn where their food and many other commodities come from. To me, this is a vital lesson everyone should learn sometime in their

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