Essay On Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction can be said to be a positive feeling, the level of contentment and fulfillment a person can feel regarding his or her job. Such a feeling is primarily centered on the individual’s perception of satisfaction. It is resulted broadly on an evaluation of the job’s characteristics.
There are numerous factors and criteria affecting the level of job satisfaction of a person, namely, the ability to complete the required tasks, the level of communication existing in the organization and treatment of employees by the management.
Have you ever wondered that during the prehistoric era, when the caveman designed the first wheel, his boss or the tribe leader gave him a reward or a praise?
Thus, the basis of job satisfaction lies in the fact
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The fact that we expend a huge number of our awakening hours at work implies job satisfaction will additionally play a huge part in our lives

While you explore for the dream occupation or job that will make you happy, whatever job you are acting nowadays have to considerably give to your happiness. That is the critical significance of job satisfaction.


An employee's general satisfaction alongside his job is the consequence of a combination of factors -- and commercial compensation is merely one of them. Management's act in enhancing employees' job satisfaction is to make sure the work nature is affirmative, morale is elevated and operatives have the resources they demand to finish the tasks they have been assigned.

1. Working Conditions

Because operatives expend so far period in their work nature every single week, it's vital for firms to endeavor to optimize working conditions. Such things as bestowing roomy work spans rather than cramped ones, adequate lighting and cozy work stations give to favorable work conditions. Bestowing productivity instruments such as upgraded data knowledge to aid operatives finish tasks extra effectually contributes to job satisfaction as

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