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THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION AND BRAND’S LOYALTY IN COSMETIC INDUSTRY AMONG STUDENTS Nurul Aishah Mohammad Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Puncak Perdana Campus, Selangor, Malaysia Abstract The aim of doing this research is to study the factor that influence customer satisfaction and brand loyalty in cosmetics industry towards students. There are so many factors that contribute to loyalty and satisfaction in choosing good brands. This studies will investigate factor that can influence students in choosing a good brands. Keywords: brand loyalty; cosmetics industry; consumer satisfaction; students INTRODUCTION A brand is a symbol. Brand also represent or stands for a word, an object and a concept all at one. It carries a meaning behind it. Symbols work by inspiring the rational process. Brand symbolic aspects such as packaging, logos, design and colours are signature sign that the company use to communicate their intentions and represent their brand to the customers. These are examples of top brands that competes with each other such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi for soft drinks; Tissot, Tag Hauer for watches;…show more content…
According to Rubini (2010), the buying process is a combination of activities that can be mentally or physical that usually ends with an actual purchase. Buying process or also known as shopping or purchasing items can be shown as one of a form of self-expression. Some people can show the true personality through their purchase behaviour; on how they usually shop, where they shop, what brand they choose and what kind of items they buy. Shopping gives people a sense of satisfaction and excitement. It is better known works for “therapy” on emotional and psychological reasons has become popular among

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