Stop Factory Farming Persuasive Essay

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Every year over 10 billion animals suffer and are slaughtered in factory. These animals are crammed into cages and suffer through their whole life never knowing another world. They live on the hard stone and wire floors until the day they are taken to be slaughtered in an inhumane way. Most people read things about factory farming and for a few minutes want to make a change. However, no one really does. Some have sympathy or consider the fact and some just do not care. We treat animals as though we are superior. Going around killing and taking whatever we want and even on to what we do not need. Factory farming is cruel and inhumane and it needs to stop. One of the concerns with stopping factory farming is that there would be a meat, eggs,…show more content…
However, this does not discourage the fact that many could not afford the price of free range. The most simple solution is to cut down or stop your intake altogether, find other food and protein sources. Right now, there are so many other sources including, fake meat products, beans, tofu, tempeh, mushrooms, and so many more. As the number of people that stop eating meat increases, the number of alternatives will also increase. Another reason for stopping factory farming is the fact that factory farming is animal cruelty. Chickens are sorted into female or male groups. The females usually have the tip of their beak cut off along with their toes. Then they are put in about 14 square inch cages in groups of around 5 to 8. The males are put on a different belt and are sent to their death. They are dumped in large garbage bags and then either suffocate, starve, or are sometimes ground alive. Pigs are packed into cages to small to turn around in. Their tails and ears are clipped off to prevent biting. Usually at 6 months piglets will be large enough to slaughter. They are then hung by their feet and have their necks slit or are dropped in boiling
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