Essay On Fahrenheit 451 Conformity

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Hello Reader. Congratulations on surviving the bombing in the city. I am a member of the Book People, a group of intellectuals who carry books in our mind to gain and preserve knowledge. There are times when you will want or need to go against what one individual or group believes. This manual will help you understand when to rebel, when to conform, and the consequences of these choices. While these are tricky issues to understand at first, this manual will guide you towards what a society should learn and understand just as we Book People have. Individuals should conform to the law when it supports the common good of the people but rebel against the law when it infringes on basic human rights. Conformity leads to a sense of powerlessness,…show more content…
Montag, willing to break the law, states “‘That’s the good part of dying; when you’ve nothing to lose, you run any risk you want”’ (81). Montag would rather gather books to rebel for a cause then die if he is found breaking the law. He had nothing to care for, not even himself, and was ready to carry out a plan and run as many risks as he wanted to. In order to make a point, an individual must be willing to sacrifice himself or herself in order to do the right thing. While sacrificing yourself in a rebellion, risking other people may occur. Montag’s rebellion had a vindictive approach and he decided to put illicit books in another fireman’s house. He remarks, “And now since you’re a fireman’s wife, it’s your house and your turn, for all the houses your husband burned and the people he hurt without thinking” (123). Montag planted the books in the fireman’s house and ran away as a way of revenge for all the houses the fireman burned down. By the law, people who had books were thrown in jail. In order for the rebellion to make an impact in the society, Montag thought the best way to do so was to risk other people and put them in jail for their
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