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The novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is about this society in which people are not allowed to own or read any books. The firemen instead of putting out fires, go and start them. They are trusted with the duty of burning any books people might have in their homes. The society realies almost entirely on machines and technology to do just about anything for them. At times, this can be very helpful. This new technology can also be a distraction and can cause people to do unexpected things. Occasionally, technology can be a great helper but it can also be our greatest enemy. It is something that can be used for good, i.e. the mechanical hound; but it can also be used for other purposes that may not be considered righteous. The Mechanical Hound is a dog-like robot with eight legs that assists the fire department at catching people that may be harbouring illegal books. The firefighters program the mechanical hound to track down and kill people who are believed to have violated the law. Once it has found its prey, it injects them with massive amounts of morphine or procaine using a four-inch steel needle. In some ways this is good because it allows the criminals to be caught faster, but it can also be very dangerous. Anyone who has access to the mechanical hound can program it to catch and kill someone that…show more content…
Technology plays a major role in society. Without it everything would be harder to accomplish more efficiently and in less time. It has proven to be very useful in more than one part of the community. For example, in the fire department with the mechanical hound and in everyday life with the seashells or with the beetles “jet cars” driving unbelievably quick. Unfortunately this technology does come with a burden of its own. It can not only be used to do good but it can also be used to do bad when in the wrong hands. Technology can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy. It all depends on how it is used and by
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