Essay On Fahrenheit 9/11

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Fahrenheit 9/11 enters this line of questioning and disbands what the government as well as mainstream media wants you to believe the reasoning behind the attacks that happened on September 11, 2001. Its main focus is the US’ government its involvement with Iraq and Afghanistan. It explains how corrupt the government is from the very beginning, how our votes truly mean nothing. It moves forward to explain that the people who are dying are those of lower class. You know, those who 's lives are dispensable. People like you and me. Those who are better off, should only fight when America needs to be defended, so what exactly is the lower class doing? Why we do fight?
"Our men are dying to preserve our way of life." Soldiers are sent to battle
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We fight for those who see benefit in oil that does not pertain to us, those who can go into a land of people already in poverty and make it worse for their own benefit; those lives. We mean nothing and will continue to mean nothing unless we start having more involvement, especially in the media.
Mainstream media is giving the same false lies that government wants you to believe. Why? The are profiting as well! More viewership and more perks from those in power. They in turn get power. Being able to influence a nation to sway into an unnecessary war is ruthless and perverse! No one group should have that much power. This is all that matters: that power. Preserving life. Who 's life? Not yours or mine. No, its preserving the life of the rich and famous, the ones in reign and the government, the ones with too much money to count and seeking more.
When it comes to National Security and Defense the United States gets involved for gain however they state its due to necessity. This is the reason we are losing so many. Instead of fixing the issues that exist in the United States which is actually necessary, like fixing our corrupt government, we are fighting in other counties, with matters that do not concern us. There is a different to aid a country in need, and another to bully alongside an ally for future access and
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