Essay On Failing Class In School

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You are failing a class in school. Were you not prepared for the quiz? Did your parents not help you? Or do you have an awful teacher? Whose fault is it if a student is failing a few classes in school; the parent, the teacher, or the student? Students themselves are at fault for failing classes in school. It is one thing if you are struggling as a student at a young age, but as you progress in school, the responsibility becomes your own. Students are at fault for failing school because it is the student’s responsibility for them completing the work and the skills that are being taught, it is not your parent’s job to do your work for you, and if your teacher is doing a bad job teaching then it is up to you to get extra help. Do you go home to your parents screaming at you for a bad grade? Your parents may help you with your homework, but if you are failing a class in school, it is not their job to do it for you. If parents don’t do the work for the…show more content…
Then how can they do their work by themselves?” Well, if the student has a disability, then it is the teacher’s responsibility to give the student work that is right for them. Then, it is the student’s job to do the work that is being asked. Have you ever heard of an IEP education? Well, if the teacher does a bad job teaching, then it is the student’s responsibility to go to study with another teacher. Or even better, get a tutor! There are always tutor’s available for a cheap amount of money; even for free if it is a friend or family member. If you go to the library, you can get help for free. Fun fact: there is an after school homework club at many schools such as. Moving along, some might say it is the parent’s fault because kids follow their parent’s footsteps and they are the role model. Well, at the age of 13 you are your own person and it is not always your parents who influence you. Maybe you have friends and/or classmates who support
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