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The second key reason for the failure of football-related sport activity up to this point falls on the shoulders of the government. Beech states, “Beijing has placed a lot of its international honor on sporting recognition. Through a Soviet-style athletics machine, the nation’s sports czars were able to turn an Olympic outcast into the top gold-medal scorer at the 2008 Beijing Games. China’s sporting juggernaut was based on routine-based pursuits like shooting, diving and gymnastics… Men’s football, though, has resisted the state’s best efforts. Indeed, the nation’s sports officials lament that dominance in “small balls,” like table tennis and badminton, hasn’t sparked success in “big balls,” like soccer and basketball” (Beech). Top-down Government emphasis on “winning” in select sports has been a priority that has served national honor and respect. However, at the same time, this attitude has negatively affected…show more content…
Undeniably, the referees faced tremendous pressure from the governing body, league executives, and CSL clubs that they “served.” Their ability to fix matches was just as great or even greater than the players themselves. The best example that fully illustrates the absurdity of referee corruption was Lu Jun, a former international World Cup referee. Known as the “Golden Whistle” for his professionalism and neutral stance when it came to refereeing football matches, Lun Jun was indicted for match fixing and accepting briberies (Montague). An incident such as this one damages the integrity of the league to an extent that is truly unimaginable. A position that is purposefully abused by the supposed “professionals” who are in charge of upholding the decency and fairness of the matches sends waves of unethicality and indecency that are almost, in a sense, irreversible. Both fans and players alike will always question the integrity and professionalism of Chinese Football from here on out. Now, every
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