The Importance Of Faith In Life

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Individuals can encounter their faith in a different ways, which can make them think positively or negatively about their personal faith and there can also be different experiences with religion that can alter how people feel about their faith. For example, some people can have a bad experience with their faith and it can alter how they feel about their religion. On the other hand, people can be on the wrong path and faith and religion can definitely change their overall outlook on life and change them for the better. Faith and religion are a part of an individual’s spiritual growth and they can impact one’s character and the lifestyle he/she chooses to live, which can be life changing, depending on the path that is chosen in a person’s life. For…show more content…
Religion has consistently been a part of my life and I haven't known any differently throughout my life. My family has instilled a set of values for me to follow and constantly has brought up God and how important it is to have faith in Him. Throughout my life, I had attended a private Christian school until the middle of high school, in tenth grade. I had to move from a school in California I had been attending since the fifth grade to a public high school in Illinois. The change of going from a private Christian school to a public high school many miles away was difficult. On my first day at the new school, people seemed very friendly, but at the same time, it was not the same environment that I was used to. Walking through the crowded hallway, there were many students who were rushing to get to their classes on time. I wandered from the west to the east side of the building, not knowing where my first class was. I felt lost in a crowd of people and everything felt unfamiliar. But once there were no more people in the halls, I knew I was very late to my first class. The bells rang a blaring sound as I began to feel nervous and lost. Suddenly, I
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