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Finding the truth on the internet has become harder and harder in recent years. This is because of the rise of false or fake news. Before the rise of fake news, fake news was just satirical articles meant to be funny and they didn’t get much attention. But now, fake news has exploded in popularity, even making it onto huge news networks like CNN or The Washington Post. Fake news can become harmful and have real world consequences. It is a problem that is rapidly becoming more widespread. The problem raises a couple questions and topics such as, the impact of fake news, when fake news started to become a problem, and how people are trying to stop fake news. The spread of fake news has raised the question, how did this problem start?…show more content…
When MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN all propagated the Hands up, Don't shoot lie.” (Ohlheiser) In case you didn’t know, the Hands up, Don’t shoot was a slogan during the Ferguson riots in 2014. CNN stated that the slogan wasn’t used during the riots, which was one of the first times fake news was used on a big news network. So fake news actually became a problem in 2014. A look into the inception of the problem can still be seen even as recent as last year, like when a man named Eric Tucker said that Anti-Trump protesters were being paid to do their demonstrations (Maheshwari). The lie quickly spread, which gives us insight on how fake news became a problem. “This is how Fake news became problem. With more technological connection, people can spread fake news all over the world.” (Maheshwari) Another way that fake news became a problem is that people just want to confirm their biases or prejudice. “"Fake news thrives because there is a lazy, incurious, self-satisfied public that wants it to thrive; because large swaths of that public don't want news in any traditional sense, so much as they want vindication of their preconceptions and prejudices," writes Norman

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