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Fuller, thicker and longer eyelashes accentuate the eyes with their hint of additional drama to the well-made eyeshadow and on fleek eyeliner. However, not everyone is blessed with long, thick lashes. To enhance those lovely flutters, aside from swiping a coat or two of mascara, one can give False Lashes a shot.

False lashes are believed to be invented by D.W. Griffith, an American film director. In one of his films in 1916, he wanted the one of the film’s actresses to have longer eyelashes. He proposed using wig trimmings and have them glued on the actress’ eyelids. This was the first false eyelashes, but it did not capture the people’s interest until 1960’s when it became popular.

Initially actresses
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There are different kinds of False Lashes, such as individual lashes and strip lashes. Individual or single lashes are clumped together and are individually glued one after another in the lash line. They fill only certain spots of your eyelashes. These are usually favored by a number of people because they have a more natural appeal when worn. Because of the way how they are applied, individual lashes can be a pain put on especially for beginners. On the other hand, strip lashes are much easier to wear since all you need to mind is a thin long strip where all of the strands are attached onto it. However, some people believe that this type leaves a more artificial vibe. This belief may or may not be true because there are other factors to consider before one can fully tell that a set of lashes appear overly…show more content…
When gluing your False Lashes, make sure you let the glue dry for around forty to fifty seconds before putting them slightly above your eyelash line. Setting the glue for a few seconds would make it tacky, and hence will stick better. Further, make sure you have applied more glue to the ends and inner corner so they will not easily fall off.

To put on your false eyelashes start pressing it on the middle of the lash line. Then with your tweezers, pull the outer corner close to the lash line. Do the same with inner corner, this time pulling that said part close to the lash line.

4. Blending does not only apply to make-up foundations and contouring creams; it also works for False Lashes application! How? Once you have set your falsies on your lash line, curl your natural eyelash with your fake ones. This will give a smooth, au naturale look. Afterwards, make sure that you apply another layer of eyeliner above the false lash line. This is needed so you can hide the lash band and also the traces of glue.

5. When removing, use a cotton swab soaked in oil-free makeup remover. Why should it be oil-free? The problem with using oil-based makeup remover is that the oil sets in the lash band, so the next time you will use your falsies the glue will not stick to the lash

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