Narrative Essay On Self Image

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The earth is wonderfully made with nature of individuals that play a part in given the world beauty, pleasure, and life. Look around and see the lovely lily blossom to give fragrance, the striking shiny, deep red plumed apples ready for picking to quench thirst, and the gorgeous ripped colorful vegetable prepared to give nutrient. Are they made for anything other than what they are? Could outside forces hinder their growth? In the same manner, humans have their own individual purpose in the world, but it may get lost in the forces of false self images. Living in a society with a false reality of self-image frighten people to look beyond the unknown in discovering their earthly talent that plays its part in the world, so they stay in the…show more content…
My mother is one of those people the world characterizes as intelligent and in her generation learning styles were not well known and emphasized. In believing the hardcore unrealistic truth and concern about my surviving skills, she told me do not lose your body figure and beauty, the world favors people who have those traits and it will make life easier for you. At that moment, I felt like a useless, looking at myself in the mirror of false images. She exaggerated my beauty, and I realize me being in big trouble. I thought I would have a better chance in life by enhancing my beauty, I attended to my physical appearance rather than school. If I knew the truth about the criterion of surviving, I would have been better off and no telling what I could offer the world. Consequently, I was focused on the wrong thing. In observing successful people, for sure many did not get there by beauty. In regards to beauty, these people are not blind to the imperfect human way of thinking nor do they envy attractive people who made it through life because of it. As Socrates mention, people who see things, in reality, do not care about being favored by the ones who do not, in feeling they are better off (Plato). In knowing this reality, I am focusing on my education and discover I am not brilliant, but I am intelligent enough to use abstract thinking in building up my talent to add to the world, which is far from what unrealistic images were telling
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