Cause And Effect Essay On Family And Crime

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“The family is seen as the building block of society” (Wright K. N., 1993, p. 1) but is slowly being destroyed by crime. The family is the first place of socialization and also prepares a child for the outside world. Crime is unacceptable act in society and can be punishable by fines, incarceration etcetera (Haralambos & Holborn, 2008, p. 321). If a child grows up around a family of criminals then that child will likely become a criminal. “Parents play a stabilizing force in a child’s life” (Wright K. N., 1993, p. 1). When a parent is involved in crime they can teach the child aggression, antisocial and violent behavior thus turning that child into a criminal. When dealing with family and crime, how the child grows up have a lot to play in their behavior. Children who are criminals or show criminal like behavior are children who grew up in a violent homes. These children are said to have never received any love and support so they are likely to react violently. This type of criminal behavior tendency is likely to become a cycle that can be passed on from generation to generation if help is not received (Wright K. N., 1993, p. 1). Families that live in poverty and lack education are likely to commit a series of crime and will continue to do so (Smith, 2007, p. 3). Families in poverty are seen as vulnerable to crime due to a lack of help…show more content…
Most children who grew up in a conflict ridden and violent households do not always become delinquent but would have violent outbursts from time to time (Wright K. N., 1993, p. 6). These children are responsible for breaking a cycle of crime. This is due to many being placed in foster care and adapting to a new environment (Wright K. N., 1993, p. 6). Children who came from a violent home usually live life with a lot of social issues and problems (Fagan, 1995) due to their past and
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