Essay On Family Changes In America

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Family Change in America
What is causing families today to have so many differences from families in the past? In recent discussions of family, a controversial issue has been whether families are closer than they ever have been in previous generations, or if they are falling apart. It is also about why these changes are happening and what factors in Americans lives are causing these changes today. Families have different opportunities and broader options than families in the past had. Trough technology, equality, divorce, and other family traditions, families of modern day vary from old style families.
Adults and children in modern time are too worried about their phones, social media,and electronics. In the text “Quality Time, Redefined” Alex Williams said that Americans today are logging in on their social media from mobile devices multiple times a day, twice the amount Americans used to login at their homes in 2004. (Williams, 2011, p. 95). People today are logging into their accounts much more than what people used too. Technology has played a big factor in the families lives today. Families have made electronics a main part of their life, constantly checking social media to keep up with what everyone else is doing instead of doing an
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Vavra said that one night she and her family were in the living room with one another, but not together. There was one family, one room, but four screens. (Williams, 2011, p. 94). This means that the family can be in the same place but not talking, or connecting with each other. Back in the day without the technology and distractions families communicated and connected with each other more. They would do this by interacting, playing, and talking to each other. Kids before today 's generation would spend a lot of time outside, and most families would sit to eat dinner together, and communicate with each other; without
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