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The word “family” has different meanings for everyone. For some “family” can mean both parents – mom and dad. Others might have seen one of their parents walk out. Some have felt the burns of divorce. Still others grew up with just knowing one parent and not ever questioning where their other parent was. On the other hand, some might even view “family” as the friends they surround themselves with. However, when it comes to family culture, that holds more of a broader definition due to the range in family dynamics. Family culture is defined as, “attitudes, ideas and ideals, which a person inherits from his or her parents and ancestors.”

For example, author and writer Hannah Brencher stated in her book If You Find This Letter that growing up her mom would leave letters for her to find at home. When Hannah found herself riding the subway to New York one day, she decided to leave letters to strangers for them to find. If it weren’t for her mom’s example to show love to others, Hannah might not have started the global movement “The World Needs More Love …show more content…

When I think about how my family is, I can’t help but think how different they are. For example, I’m a low context communicator. I love expressing myself in words, whether that’s in written form or verbal form. I don’t like keeping what’s affecting me in my head and my sisters usually will hear what thoughts are orbiting my mind. Most of the time, they hear what I’m feeling, my thoughts about a movie, or even my crazy ideas for adventuring in LA. Likewise, my dad is also a low context communicator. He is constantly making jokes or naming some random fact in History. He is very open about how he feels. Most of the time that has something to do with a conversation that he just had with our

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