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There is nothing as good in this world as living in the warmth of a loving family. It is through the family cushion that we learn to interact with the world and deal with life challenges without feeling overwhelmed. As Erick Erickson, the famous social psychologist's notes in his theory of the psychosocial stages of development, it is through the family that children receive the emotional support which is vital for personality development. In other words, we are who we are today as a result of the emotional support we receive from our family in our earliest days of life. If a child is born and raised in a loving family, they are likely to spread the love to the rest of the world. On the other hand, if a child is raised in an environment filled…show more content…
According to Freud, the role of the caregiver is of absolute importance in shaping the personality of a child through to adulthood. For instance, a child who is rebuked by the caregiver for expressing self is likely to keep to themselves later in adulthood. The family is the shelter we run to when the scorching sun and the rains of life become unbearable. If you want to know how true this is, look at some of the most popular people in the world and where they run two when their popularity starts to decline. Even if you become the president of the free world and all of a sudden everyone is interested in you, there comes a time when everyone else loses interest in you, and you can only lean back on your family. That's why most famous people always invest more in family relations more when they are in office and when they retire. But is the family just about blood relations? The answer is no! Family is that person who is ready to embrace and love you at your worst moments. That could be a blood relative or even a complete stranger with a golden heart. When I think of nurture, I like to think of families, communities, societies, nations, and the

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