Family Health Case Study

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Family Health Assessment
With Marjory Gordon’s functional health patterns, we can develop a treatment plan for our patients based on 11 categories of health perception. According to PubMed “A family health assessment tool that focused on the family as the unit of care was developed. The tool adapted Gordon's 11 functional health pattern typology and categorized data using interview, observation, and measurement methods.” (Donelly, 1993). A family of 5 was interviewed using the functional health assessment categories, and then an analyzation of the information shared was put together. In addition, two wellness problems based on the family assessment were identified.
The Jones Family
The family of 5 interviewed consists of Mark and Cindy, a married couple, and their three children Lailun, Julie, and Melody. They currently reside in a single-family home in Phoenix, Arizona. Married for the last 10 years, the couple shares their home with their 22- month old, 5-year old, and 8-year old daughter. Mark works for the Department of Transportation working 4 ten-hour day shifts, and Cindy works as an RN on three twelve-hour night shift.
Health Perception Management-
When asked about health perception, this family admitted it is a concern of theirs. The family worries
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The family reports exercising their brains often. Everyone, aside from the 22-month-old, is in school now. Due to their busy schedule the household reports having episodes of increased anxiety. The family feels that working overnight and getting little sleep contributes to forgetfulness, and a decrease in cognitive function. The family agrees that increasing physical activity may help balance their cognitive function. Sensory perception appears to be working well for his family. Cindy requires glasses and states that she has an astigmatism. Additionally, Cindy also reports having decreased sense of smell, which is something she appreciates in her

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