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Family Therapy For A Mezzo Intervention A family intervention for Keoni would be to connect him with a family therapist. Keoni’s childhood was rough growing up because had witnessed his mother being physically abused by his stepfather and exposed early to drugs and alcohol. Keoni and his siblings are currently in foster care, however, he has been separated from them. This article is about how therapy is beneficial for strengthening families and for those who are struggling with behavior problems like skipping school or lack of motivation.
Intervention Methods Family members are looked upon as the primary caregivers for their children. They are also the ones who children depend on for structure, support, and security for further exploring
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He also could benefit from this because he had positive things to say about the church his foster parent took him to. This method is also intended to help the youth by finding the most appropriate cultural method, but it helps youths who are struggling with alcohol, drugs, school delinquency, conduct and improves the interactions between the family and focuses on reconnecting the child with a parent who has been separated from them (Robbins & Szapocznik,…show more content…
If the families have a fear of losing the person they are attached to or encountered a loss of someone they love it can make it difficult to start a secure attachment to them. If a child is too clingy to their parent they make it harder for anyone who is trying to form a relationship with them. Conflicting relationships, which a child is abused and loved by the parent and parents who have suffered any traumas at a certain age start to react again because they think it is going to happen to their child/ren (Byng,
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