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My interest in nursing developed while pursuing a career as a clinical child psychologist. After taking a psychology class as a high school elective and later on moving towards advanced placement psychology, my career path was pointing to the fascinating science of behavior. Having an inspiring professor led me to take the challenge to volunteer at a facility where I could experience children’s behavior during one of the most difficult time of their lives: during times of sickness. At the time Miami Children Hospital gave me the opportunity to volunteer at the Respiratory Unit, which was an experience that changed my life and career choice. The nurse’s rewarding work environment, along with the fast pace, rhythm of the unit made me fall in love with the nursing career. Witnessing nurses as educators for the family unit regarding treatment of current chronic conditions and disease prevention led me to the…show more content…
Nursing bedside care in an acute setting has made recognized the importance of preventive care and aspire a level of advance practice exclusively achieved by becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. As a family nurse practitioner, I will acquire the necessary knowledge to not just treat the patients’ symptoms at the bedside, but also to diagnose, conduct physical examinations, order and perform diagnostic tests, prescribe pharmacological treatments and most importantly focus on wellness and prevention. The advantage and uniqueness of the Family Nurse Practitioner program is that it will give me the knowledge and opportunity to work holistically with the family unit, covering all the different lifespans making me a lifelong learner. This program will also help me combine my lifelong passion for pediatrics and my current experience with adults in the acute care

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