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Every member has their own role and responsibility, parents are generally defined as a head of the family. They are responsible for the whole household running and supporting to children. On the other hand, the young people’s role is often considered to being following the rules. However, both parent and children share a common interest; happiness. Building a solid foundation of relationships within family is the most challenging topic to work on due to the differences in term of personality, generations, interests and life experiences. So what can be done to improve family relationships?
It appears that communication can have a significant effect on family relationships. Everything can be sorted out through talking. It is highly suggested
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It is a model way to demonstrate expected behaviors inside the family circle and with others in the society. It is also believed that children who have parents that spend quality times with them tend to have a sense of family values. They are less likely to be influenced by friends that do not necessarily have their best interests at heart. An occasional movie together or even a quick breakfast in a neighborhood café shop are great ways to stay connected and allow bonding time. Some families could take their bonding activities to the next level, from family picnics every other weekends to annual family trips…show more content…
It’s been said that trust works as glue that holds relationship together; the stronger the glue is, the tighter your family bonds together. From examining the findings, trust can be built through different ways. Give each other chances to earn each other trust; let small children do small tasks around the house and praise them for the achievement or show young adult that their parents could be counted on by keeping promises. Believing in each other decision and allowing room for adjustment on mistakes being made are also path to develop trust. Young adults are more likely to earn their parents ‘trust by not lying; never intended to lie to your parents, just be honest throughout the whole conversation and take responsibility on own

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