Essay On Family Resilience

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Family Resiliency According to Greeff (2013), the family should analyze and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and resources of each member that can be associated with the adjustment and adaptation as to the diagnosis of a child with a disability, specifically the developmental disability. Family resilience helps to improve the family interventions and let them know how the families cope with the feeling and experiences of having a child with a disability. Some of the ways how family resilience has shown are by the acceptance of the situation, positive communication within the family bound, commitment to the family unit, a positive attitude toward new experiences and challenges to day-to-day life situation, and family adaptation. The connection of the family was an essential factor that makes a compelling adaptation, adjustment, and resiliency of the family. Although sometimes it is hard to accept the fact of having a child with a disability quickly, still, they overcome through their faith in God and commitment as a family. The strengths and resources from the previous experiences help them to fight and grow as a healthy family. The factors can be used to the family that is experiencing such situation and promoting family resilience. In the study, “Family Resilience, Parental Resilience, and Stress Mediation in Families with Autistic…show more content…
The PAFAS inventory was initially a 30- item that consists of the Parenting scale that measures parenting practices (17 items) and quality of parent-child relationship (11 items) and the Family Adjustment scale measuring parental emotional maladjustment (5 items), family relationships (4 items) and parental teamwork (3 items) (see Appendix B for the
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