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We live a "free" world many confuse this and often think that they are exempted from responsibilities . But in the family dynamic there is many things that are required of us . Every family member has rights and responsibilities, many confuse privilege with rights but there is a difference the word "right" is something to which one has a lawful claim . And a responsibility unlike a right is something for which one is responsible. The family is very important in the shaping of our society whether we choose to acknowledge it or not this structure creates a balancing act in which all units carry out what is required of them to result in the running of " well oiled machine". some of the duties and responsibilities of family members are the provision of resources, nurturance and support, life skills development , maintenance and management of the family system . To begin with each family member especially the parent must provide the essentials . When a individual decides or becomes a parent they take on the task of caring for another human being, so therefore it is their responsibility to provide the necessary essentials for survival which include monetary funds, clothing and shelter. As it is the right of every family member to have these . Secondly , Nurturance and support is also important such as the family and or family members play an effective role in nurturing and rearing of the children such as being a support system. Parents or other family members fulfill this duty by creating a home filled with tenderness, respect and fidelity, in which the virtues of self denial and sound…show more content…
The difference may depend on the size and income of the family. Big families mean more members to share the household chores. Families with big income can afford to hire outside help who can do most of the household task. Families with small income have to distribute the household task among

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