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Family Tents Family tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The large family tents that are right for some families, aren’t necessarily right for you. Which explains the wide variety of family tents on the market today. There are a variety of considerations you should make when trying to choose the best family tents. The Size Are you looking for a large family tent for camping? You’ll notice that tents are advertised as two man, or four man, or more. This essentially means how many people you can fit in the tent for the purposes of sleeping. It does not factor in the backpacking gear, or any other personal items you may be travelling with. This system makes perfect sense for light travelling backpackers, but not for family tents. A two-man tent is suitable for one person. Therefore, you should divide the rating in half to determine its true capacity. Consider…show more content…
The cold, the rain, the heat and sun, and the wind can all have a different impact. You will need sturdy poles, as anchor ropes and stakes for high winds. Winter tents are igloo shaped to reduce the effect of the wind, and can also withstand heavy snowfall. The arrangement of their poles provides extra stability. There are two factors to consider when it comes to rain. The first being that you want to keep the rain out. The second being that you need enough room to remain comfortable while riding out severe weather. Additionally, family tents should have a waterproof rainfly, made from coated nylon. This rainfly wraps around the tent, reaching almost to the ground. This will keep rain out even in high wind situations. It should extend over the door so that you can enter and exit without letting rain in. The floor must be coated nylon, too. It should cover the floor, as well as around six inches of every side of the tent. A bathtub floor is ideal, as it features very few seams. Thus, providing less access for rain to get into your temporary
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