Personal Reflective Essay: My Transition To College

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The transition to college can be a very difficult, but also exciting. Every factor, from your family situation, to where your best friend is going to school helps to influence your college decision and how well you adjust to it. For me, I had to be one hundred percent independent in order to make it to college and stay there successfully. Improper support from various social contacts can make the transition extremely difficult. Personally, independence was a driving factor behind my transition to adulthood, and has been for a long time. More often than not, I faced the challenges of development with very limited positive reinforcement from family and friends alike. Regardless of these difficulties, I have been able to develop a wide range of…show more content…
Through my friends, who I considered my family, I learned how to manage the difficulties of both school and a social life. Throughout the majority of high school and middle school, I had a very unconventional microsystem. At home, my family was emotionally draining. I struggled with argument and abuse, so I relied on my peers and school to get me through each and every day. I learned to find friends and be academically successful all on my own. I learned to use my mesosystem of the interactions between my peers and school to aid my development and allow me to end up in the successful place that I am today. I used the example my family gave me to develop my moral strengths. I created my own ideas and my own morals based on the cognitive and emotional challenges that my home life created. I used school as an outlet in order to aid my cognitive development. My constant access to school helps to prove the Neo-Piagetian Cognitive Development theory. The constant access allowed me to grow and develop cognitively thanks to my exposure to context, culture and my peers. (Dimmitt, 2018) The exposure to school and my incomplete microsystem could only get me so far, however. In order to get to college, I needed to consider my exosystem and how I could be independent without relying on my
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