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10 weird facts about pirates. Pirates are people who are both widely known and shrouded with mystery. While some people are fascinated by the adventurous life pirates are supposed to have lived. Some are scared by their murderous and criminal fame. Who they really were? Why would they choose a pirates life? We do not know and we never will, but today let us try to clear a bit of their mystery. 1.The Jolly Roger was not carried by all pirates: The image of any pirate ship in our minds carry a black flag with a skull and crossbones fluttering in the wind. Butactually they would not fly any flag or disguise themselves by flying a countries flag. A red flag or 'jolirogue' as the French called them were also used to scare enemies into surrender.…show more content…
If anyonewas caught stealing they would be punished with a death sentence.Not just that each pirate ship actually had a set of rules everyone needed to agree upon. 3. Pirates never buried their treasure: Well yes, all the dreams of treasure maps and adventures we all had are for naught. All of them were probably faux and pranks played by people like Robert Louis Stevenson (author of the book Treasure Island). Only one pirate was ever recorded to bury his treasure, captain William Kidd. William had hoped to use this wealth to free himself from the law, but it was later dug out and used as evidence against him. Image source: 4. Pirates were commissioned by governments: Privateers is what they were called. They were pirates who were hired by governments to raid and loot ships from enemy nations. Most famous among them is sir Henry Morgan an English man who never attacked any ship or ports that were part of England. While he was a local hero back in England the Spanish considered him to be a
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