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Celebrities and Their Famous Shoes
Shoes have been considered an important thing or “must have” in your life. It is considered as your buddy because you wear it every day. There are different kinds of shoes to choose. These shoes come in different designs, sizes, colors and price or cost. There are those that cost less while there are also those that really cost a fortune.

People buy shoes because they really need it. Some people buy it because they want to add it to their collection. Some people buy only shoes that cost less while some people who have more than enough budget buy the most expensive shoes because they consider it as an investment. This holds true for celebrities or the rich and famous because they can buy anything they like. For instance, some celebrities have their own favorite shoes that have cost them a fortune. These celebrities are:
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Elizabeth Banks (Jean –Michel Cazabat Two-Tone Wooden Sandals, $179) - This Two-Tone Wooden Sandals, designed and created by Jean –Michel Cazabat is Elizabeth Banks favorite footwear. The star of The Hunger Games was seen wearing the Two-Tone Sandals in Los Angeles. The wooden sandals have chunky heels with colored straps to safely secure the feet.
2. Blake Lively (Pour La Victoire Platform Pump, $250) - This platform pump comes in thirteen different colors. It features a snake skin printed pumps which make this shoe unique and more stylish. This shoe happens to be the favorite shoes of Gossip Girl Fashion Icon, Blake Lively. Blake does not only wear these shoes behind the camera, she also wears the shoes whenever she’s on the set of her own show.
3. Kate Middleton (Stuart Weitzman Cork Wedges, $375) - The Cork Wedges, designed by Stuart Weitzman is the favorite shoes of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The wedges have made Kate’s feet comfortable even if she walked around to attend different events and functions with her

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