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After reading William Rhoden’s article on fantasy sports I was particularly moved by Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart’s reaction of feeling that fantasy sports, football in particular, has led to a different way the so called fan perceives his sport and livelihood. It appears that the evolution of fantasy sports into this multi-billion dollar a year phenomenon has changed how fans look at the game and how they evaluate their favorite player’s weekly performance.
I find that I have even had mixed emotions when I watch football now. As a “coach” in a non- gambling sports fantasy league, pitting myself against my friends, I want to root for the team that I created but hope on the other hand that my opponents team members play poorly
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Many fantasy sports players, in order to be competitive players, must analyze statistics, injury reports and other pertinent data to try and put their best “team” on the field. This has led to the creation of many websites, publications and even prime time TV shows that offer important information and critical analysis to assist players in choosing their rosters. This has helped to create a more diverse and educated fan. Now fantasy players will tend to watch not only their favorite teams but the whole league because they have players on their rosters from all around the league. On the converse, what may seem positive though, can also be seen as information overload, thus taking the fun out of just enjoying a Sunday afternoon football game.

Unfortunately, on the negative side, fantasy sports have created a win at any cost attitude. Where else do you find a “fan” wishing bad for personal gain? If his opponent’s players could play poorly, get injured or leave the game for some other reason, then he can cash in and claim his prize money, this week. Ironically, next week he can pick the very player that he wished injury, etc. to be put on his game day
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