Essay On Far Right Political Parties

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The rise of far right political parties in contemporary society is an important phenomena in the field of politics. If far right political parties obtained a position in mainstream politics, it will bring drastic changes to the ecology of world politics. This essay will focus on the far right political parties in the United Kingdom and Austria, along with other far right political parties in Europe. This essay will first introduce the concept of political right wing and offer a brief introduction to the far right political parties in the United Kingdom and Austria. Next, it will examine the political and economic factors that contribute to the rise of far right political parties. Then, it will examine the implication of far right politics on democracy.

Right wing refers to serval groups of ideologies, including but not limited to conservatives, reactionary and fascist ideologies. Generally speaking, rightist values in social order, patriotism and social cohesion. Rightist also accepts the inequalities in wealth, status and rights (Johnson, P. M. 2005).

In the UK, the most well-known far right political party is the UK Independence party (UKIP). It is known for its Eurosceptic position, and a key leader in
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In the era of post truth politics, voters are seriously misinformed, and will severely impede the accountability of governments. Supposedly, voters cast their vote based on facts and figures. For instance, GDP and unemployment can keep the voters informed about the economic performance of their country, but in post truth politics, a politician can just say the data is manipulated by their opponents (even if it is not), claiming that there is economic growth when there is actually a stagnation or vice versa. In such case, the voters are unable to monitor the government and the government will eventually hold little or no accountability because they can just tell a lie to shift the
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