Essay On Farming In America

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The history of farming in America goes way back to when the first English Settlers came to America. “Over time farming has changed by humans inventing new machines and techniques to increase the amount and variety of crop production.” Along with the origination with modern farming equipment and techniques comes increases in prices. Farming is not just a job and all about profit and money but it is a lifestyle and a great way to spend time with you family.

“In colonial America agriculture was the primary livelihood for 90% of the population.” Back then people didn’t really have a wide variety of choices that they wanted their careers to insist of like we do now, you had to do whatever was necessary to be able to put food on the table to support your family, no matter if you loved your job or not. Back then you didn’t have big expensive
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One of the biggest agricultural clubs in america is FFA. FFA stands for “Future Farmers of America” and is funded through sponsorships and individual donations. Other options may be colleges. A great local college that is great in the agricultural industry is Purdue University’s college of agriculture. “It is one of the world’s leading colleges of agricultural, food, life, and natural resource sciences.”

What I want readers to think or do after learning about this topic is to grow a bigger respect for farmers after realizing how many hard hours they put into our country. Everything you see in a grocery store that is food will mostly come from big farms. If there was no farming you couldn’t even be able to even get milk and the store! Something else might be to join FFA. If the reader finds my topic interesting and they feel like they would love to get involved FFA would be
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