Essay On Farming In Jamestown

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Since, the British first colonized in Jamestown in 1607 there has been farming since the beginning. Farming started to get rough for just the colonist to do. So, British colonist started using people for labor over an extensive amount of years. It first started with the use of indentured servants, those who strived for land in the new world. That all changed when Bacon’s rebellion repudiate the indentured servants, and switched to African American slaves. The first of the people who came over to work on colonist farms are the indentured servants. The need for indentured servants started when the tobacco plant was perfected. The tobacco plant was perfected by John Smith in the Indie islands. The tobacco plant served as a basis in the everyday farming life in the Chesapeake colonies.The problem started when farms started producing more tobacco and, families did not bear enough children to work on these growing farms. Indians were out of the equation since they died out from disease. At this time, African…show more content…
The farming industry also prospered outdoing local people and needed other resources to work these growing farms. Indentured servants were the way to go, but these young men wanted more and ended up rebelling for their rights. After the rebel masters were precocious with who they wanted to which they resorted to African Americans. African American were treated cruelly, but some colonies had started to realize that, Northern colonies that thrived in merchant businesses stood up to slavery and wanted it abolished compared to the south who strived for more slavery. In result of the animosity the Mason-Dixon line was created to split the states of slavery rights. After, that even more feuds and complications were created. Son approbation was created and the civil war broke out, eventually the north had succeeded, and slavery slowly was abolished and African Americans were eventually
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