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Whether it was while strolling along the streets of the local area or enjoying a sensational music video of a popular celebrity, everyone has witnessed a new trend of fashion suddenly bloom. The rapid growth of the variations of fashion appears as though individuals gather in a line of succession to throw together eccentric ideas to produce the fashion achievement that’ll leave their stamp on history. The surrounding population can be pulling off the classic nineties look while a random individual is prancing around with clothes that make them look as though they traveled back in time from the future afar. No matter how ridiculous or amazing a trend will prove to be, it is guaranteed that the wardrobe of many will be affected through numerous…show more content…
Fashion and music are one entity, they go hand in hand in the sense that fashion rubs off on music the same way music rubs off on fashion. The relationship between fashion and music is one that blends into a creative collaboration that resulted in some of the most dynamic apparel visualizations ever created in popular culture. For example, the seventies were categorized by the disco genre that included top artists and groups such as: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, The Jackson Five, Kool and The Gang, etc. In this era, these musicians introduced glitzy dresses with free-flowing skirts, knickers, jumpsuits made from lycra and spandex, satin hot pants and sequence tops, platform shoes, disco pants, and afros. In every performance or music video, these artists would show off these apparels which would aid in the advertisement of the fashion trend. Soon enough, the general population began copying the fashion styles of the music industry’s top artists. It is without a doubt that music and fashion is a great fit for each other. When a trend appears in the music industry the chances are extremely high that the same trend will be prevalent in the latest fashions as

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