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“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” - Edna Woolman Chase. Fashion and style are two words that people often interchangeably use. The definition of fashion according to Google is, “A popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.” Being that fashion is a fad, a craze, and a trend, this definition is fairly accurate. When reading style’s definition, it is “a manner of doing something” or “a distinctive appearance”. When using sentences like, “This person has style.” or “This is person is fashionable.”, most would consider those sentences to have the same meaning. While fashion and style can be mistaken as synonyms, they actually have many differences.
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High fashion that we see by popular designers and brands usually never come off the runway. Most are extremely expensive and unrealistic for one to wear on an everyday basis. The fashion industry also displays unrealistic body types and creates a poor image for women and men. Models today weighs twenty-three percent less than the average women. The latest fashions can distance yourself from yourself as the emphasis is on the clothing and not you. This can be seen as modifying or covering your flaws.
When using the term style, it is applied to a person and an expression of yourself. Your style usually matches who you are as a person or your personality. Style helps connect with your inner self. When you have your own style, you stand out among others and you have the freedom to express yourself rather than wear what everyone else does to conform. An individual should always dress for themselves and in the end, wear something that makes them feel good.
Similar to fashion, one’s style can also change frequently. This can happen every day depending on mood or over a long period of time. Although style is a representation of one’s self, it takes time for style to develop. It is not something that occurs in a days time, the clothes gradually become consistent with who you are. Overtime style can turn into a choice and no longer an external force or factor impacting

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