Fashion Design Essay

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My design was mainly inspired by current trends. Rompers have started to become very popular nowadays and this impacted my design to create something that fits in with current trends.

Past lines of Kate spade clings with my design because the majority of their clothes use the same or a similar colour scheme to what I used for my design. Moreover, Kate Spade design tend to have the same type of simplistic nature that mine also portrays but still having a subtle elegance to it.

My target market for this design is teenagers and young adult but more specifically girls/women. The reason why I chose this market is that I am able to relate to these women more and it will be easier for me to understand what type and designs of clothing
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This idea is a misrepresentation of reality as the average person is not as skinny as those in the fashion industry. This, therefore, leads to eating disorders as people (majority women) want to be as slim and tall as these models in the fashion industry.
Body Mutilation - Due to the way the media portrays those in the fashion industry, individuals would go as far as to mutilate their bodies in the form of surgeries that allow them to alter their bodies so that they can meet the beauty standards.
Celebrities - Nowadays the media allows anyone to be a celebrity once they break the social norms and earn fame. Not all but a significant amount of these celebrities tend to be drug & alcohol users and addicts, and this behaviour is portrayed in the media towards the rest of the society. This behaviour pressures the average person to feel the need to fit in and they, therefore, follow in these celebrities footsteps hoping to fit in.
Beauty over brains - The media/ fashion industry shows that someone does not need to be smart but needs to be pretty. This leads the majority to focus mostly on their outward appearance than to focus on their education. This leads mainly girls to eating disorders and body mutilation so that they can look like what the media portrays to be
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